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DTL - Certification course of direct and indirect tax laws

Certification course of direct and indirect tax laws - DTL

*Note : Syllabus will be inclusive & not exclusive

Central Excise Duty

  1. Appliacbility of Central Excise Duty
  2. Calculation of Assessable Value
  3. Calculation of Excise Duty
  4. Concept of Cenvat Credit Account
  5. Mode of Payment of Duty -- GAR 7 Challan or Cenvat Credit Account
  6. CAS 4 Certification & Cost of Production with Live Example (Captive Consumption)
  7. Job Work under Notification no. 214/86 & Sec.57(F)(4)
  8. Excise Duty Liability in case of Export
  9. SSI Unit exemptions
  10. EOU/STP/EHTP/SEZ exemptions for Excise Duty
  11. ARE 1, Excise Invoice, etc. forms
  12. Procedure of Payment of Duty
  13. Practical Training at Practicing Cost Accountant

Central Sales Tax

  1. Applicability of Central Sales Tax
  2. Calculation of CST
  3. Filling of CST
  4. Scope of Practice in CST

Custom Duty

  1. Basic Concepts as per Indian Customs Act
  2. Calculation of Customs Duty
  3. Concept of CHA & his rights & Scope
  4. Payment of Customs Duty
  5. Scope of Practice in Customs Duty Payments

Service Tax

  1. Basic Concepts as per Service Tax Act
  2. Applicablity & Scope of Service Tax
  3. Calculation of Service Tax
  4. Filling of Service Tax & Returns
  5. Payment of Service Tax
  6. Scope of Practice in Service Tax

Income Tax

  1. Basic Concepts in Income Tax
    • Previous Year
    • Assessment Year
    • Assesses Types
    • Residential Status of an assesses
  1. Income from 5 heads
    • Salary
    • House Property
    • Business / Profession
    • Capital Gain
    • Other Sources
  1. Deductions under Chapter VI
    • Agricultural Income & Exempted Incomes u/s 10
    • Tax Calculations for different Assesses
    • Interest u/s 234A, 234B & 234C
    • Form 16, 16A & other forms
    • Concept of TRP in Income Tax
    • Role of Tax Consultants in Practical
      • Online Returns Filing
      • Online Income Tax Filling
    • Training at Practicing CA

Wealth Tax

  1. Basic Concepts in Wealth Tax
  2. Assesses in Wealth Tax
  3. Calculation of Wealth Tax
  4. Other Important Concepts related to Wealth Tax

Profession Tax

  1. Basic Concepts
  2. Applicability of Profession Tax
  3. Slab Rates of PT
  4. Payment Procedure of PT

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